Solar Ash Review – A Rollercoaster Of Style And Substance

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Rei awakens, dazed and confused throughout the Ultravoid. She’s a voidrunner, which means she explores black holes with the assistance of superior expertise. Sadly, the Ultravoid is an exceptionally huge black gap with Rei’s house planet ensnared in its vacuum. Time is of the essence; Rei was despatched into the Void as a part of a group to activate the Starseed, a tool designed to break down the black gap and save her planet. However her allies have vanished, and the Ultravoid has native defenses within the type of ink-like monsters. With dire stakes and Hail Mary options, Rei’s solo mission is price seeing by means of to its shocking conclusion on this spectacular high-speed motion platformer.

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Activating the Starseed requires slaying six Remnants, humongous beasts that maintain dominion over the Ultravoid’s handful of biomes. Awakening these titans is step one, which includes destroying large eyeballs related to them scattered throughout the landscapes. Fortunately, Rei is a nimble explorer. Photo voltaic Ash is all in regards to the stream of motion, and getting across the Ultravoid is an excellent rush. Rei’s skating feels swift however managed; I by no means misplaced management when it wasn’t my fault, even in probably the most precarious areas. Even higher, she immediately recovers pace when slowing down turns into vital. I gleefully leaped throughout floating ruins, effervescent lava swimming pools, and acid waterfalls with calculated recklessness due to the knowledgeable placement of platforms and grind rails. Regardless of how far I jumped, I at all times had a touchdown to focus on.

Lock-on grapple factors and a slow-motion intention mechanic work properly and are woven completely into platforming puzzles. I solely want transitioning between grind rails was snappier. Given the pace of Rei’s grinding and the way far she will be able to launch, it’s simple to overshoot rails, given their shut proximity.

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I commonly stated, “wow,” each time I stepped into a brand new biome. Photo voltaic Ash is gorgeous. Its putting coloration palette and an nearly spherical world design lend the expertise a dreamlike high quality. You may skate up and round this cosmic playground from seemingly not possible angles, and searching throughout inverted landscapes is at all times a trippy delight. Every space provides enjoyable twists that make the most of your motion, equivalent to carrying quickly fading mushroom spores to matching coloured nodes to sprout vines for grinding.

All the things within the recreation is in service of preserving you transferring, and that extends to the straightforward however satisfying hack n’ slash fight. Most enemies drop after solely a few hits, which means you may simply kill them with out stopping. Gracefully eradicating foes whereas artfully dodging their assaults by no means ceases to really feel cool. My favourite encounters are towards the Remnants. These towering monsters come in numerous sizes and styles, together with a bipedal warrior or a flying bat-like creature. They primarily act as transferring platforming puzzles and are the ultimate exams of your abilities. Racing throughout their writhing kinds to shortly shatter nodes throughout their our bodies is a reflex-focused, white-knuckle affair that had me holding my breath and fist-pumping in triumph. Taking too lengthy and getting vaporized again to the bottom is irritating, however that was normally as a consequence of an errant selection in my platforming and sometimes mounted by a fast course correction. 

I additionally recognize Photo voltaic Ash’s elegantly clear total design. I wasn’t burdened by sophisticated mechanics and even new talents for Rei. She retains the identical small skillset all through the expertise, with collectible fits providing helpful passive buffs, equivalent to health-restoring assaults or elevated pace boosts. Alongside the way in which, you accumulate foreign money within the type of plasma used solely to improve your well being. Bizarrely, nevertheless, defeating every Remnant triggers a sequence that removes one notch of well being. I’m undecided what the purpose is in continually spending 1000’s of plasma to regain the identical disappearing hit level, however I’m not a fan of it.


Photo voltaic Ash’s gripping story of desperation and hope towards all odds serves as one other spotlight. I felt for Rei, who’s a rookie inadvertently burdened with the burden of her total species. The story evolves her nearly cussed optimism and sense of responsibility in an efficient – and shocking – method I gained’t spoil. I got here into Photo voltaic Ash anticipating to really feel detached in the direction of Rei, and I’m pleasantly shocked to emerge feeling the other. 

Sprinting world wide is enjoyable, however I used to be greater than keen to decelerate to soak up the intriguing lore alongside the sides, which fleshes out the Ultravoid’s historical past. Journal entries current fascinating tales of survival from these trapped throughout the Void. Whereas these story beats are positioned as sidequests, uncovering the tragic arcs of Rei’s allies and the few surviving NPCs feels vital as they feed into Rei’s character improvement and the story’s main themes of loss, remorse, and isolation. One standout story includes a local of the Void grappling together with his race’s custom of sacrificing themselves to take care of the cycle of life and demise. The writing even does an amazing job of creating you care about CYD, your AI helper and one devoted companion, because the loneliness of the Ultravoid finally rears its head.

Photo voltaic Ash had me racing throughout its cloud-covered playgrounds within the early hours, trying to find the following enjoyable platforming phase. By the remaining hours, I used to be operating to see the conclusion of its gripping narrative. Photo voltaic Ash oozes as a lot substance because it does model, making for a completely entertaining area romp.

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