How to find and open every Nornir chest in God of War

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Opening God of Battle’s Nornir chests is a sure-fire approach to discover an Idunn Apple and Horn of Blood Mead, which can enhance your well being and rage, respectively. With out this stuff, you will discover God of Battle very tough, so you will wish to hunt down these chests as quickly as you’ll be able to. A number of Nornir chests could be present in Midgard and some extra in Alfheim and Helheim. So, let’s get began and discover you some chests.

God of Battle: Nornir Chest places 

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To unlock Nornir chests, you will want to seek out seals and smash them along with your axe. There are runes on every chest and there shall be seals hidden across the space close to the chest. You need not hit them so as, however you do have to smash all of them to open the chest. 

Some shall be in awkward, excessive locations and others in plain sight, so hold your eyes peeled for a bluish glow. You may even have a time restrict to hit the runes, so research the world first earlier than you shoot them.

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Midgard Nornir Chests

Midgard Nornir Chests
Location Instructions Reward
Wild Woods When searching deer with Atreus you will come throughout a temple and your first chest. It is behind a barricade, so smash your means by it and hit the three seals within the room to unlock it. Idunn Apple
River Move 1 After you’ve got defeated your first revenant, you will discover one other chest on the finish of a path—I did say in my suggestions information to discover each space! The primary rune is behind the chest with the opposite two close to the bridge. Idunn Apple
River Move 2 There is a second Nornir chest additional alongside within the spiked chamber, the place the issue ramps up a bit. Good job you discovered these Idunn Apples. In the direction of the tip of the puzzle you will discover a chest on a ledge above. Increase the platform you are standing on to achieve one of many runes and the others on the roof of the sector and close by cave. Horn of Blood Mead
River Move 3: As soon as you’ve got defeated Brenna Dauoi, you will discover one other chest within the battle enviornment. Two of the seals could be discovered both aspect of the chest, the final being in the primary space you fought in. Idunn Apple
Witch’s Cave Witch’s Cave: When you get into the Witch’s cave and get the shock bow for Atreus—a serious improve in itself— you can shoot his Mild Arrow to create three bridges. Loop across the aspect of the cave to seek out one other chest. One seal could be discovered by the left of the elevator, up the properly, and one other could be discovered by throwing a bomb discovered close to the chest at a platform reverse. The ultimate rune could be discovered by going previous two of the sunshine bridges away from the chest. Horn of Blood Mead
Lookout Tower There is a boat docking space on the map close to the Lookout Tower and what are you aware, there’s one other chest! There are many spikes on this space so throw your axe and the submit to decrease them. Afterwards, recall the axe and throw it on the seal on the left then on the submit with gears on it. Hit the opposite two seals and get one other Idunn Apple from the chest. Idunn Apple
Foothills Close to the place Sindri is within the Foothills, simply to the southwest, is one other Nornir chest. You may have to freeze fuel to disclose one of many spinning markers for this chest to match the runes on it, so it is somewhat completely different. Begin off with the marker behind the chest, then head to the underside of the small hill earlier than carrying on to the left. Horn of Blood Mead
Tyr’s Temple As soon as you’ve got reached Tyr’s Temple, make your means by it till you attain the second submit of the Winds of Hel. There shall be an enormous hallway stuffed with spikes and a Nornir chest on the finish. Immediately behind you within the first seal. In the event you spin round and hug the wall to the left, you will discover one other. You must have the ability to see the wheel mechanism that lowers the lure, so look throughout from it to the appropriate aspect of the block to seek out the ultimate seal. Idunn Apple
Fafnir’s Storeroom You’ll find this space through the Fafnir’s Hoard quest, however for easiness, it is northwest of the Lake of 9. Kill the monster then verify behind the chest and the highest of the waterfall to seek out the seals. Horn of Blood Mead
The Mountain 1 y now you will have reached contained in the mountain and runes will seem across the room. There is a Mild Crystal hidden behind some wooden, so by your axe to interrupt by the wooden and activate the crystal to summon the bridge. You may discover the runes you want painted on the partitions and you will have to align the posts to the runes you see. The posts could be discovered close to the doorway to the cavern earlier than the massive ledge, close to the sunshine bridge and one other to the appropriate of the cavern entrance. Horn of Blood Mead
The Mountain 2 Close to the Jotnar shrine there’s one other chest. One rune could be discovered within the rubble close to the tip of the bridge, one on the higher stage of the bridge and one within the shrine room. Idunn Apple
Mild Elf Outpost When you’re in a position to decrease the water in Lake of 9, head west of the Helheim Tower. There is a gentle bridge puzzle to unravel close to this chest, and you will find one seal within the gate and one other on its edge. There’s additionally a simple to seek out rune simply previous the chest. Idunn Apple
Witch’s Cave 2 To entry this chest, you will want the Winds of Hel, so do not hassle searching for it till then. Return to the place the witch lives then head as much as the left to discover a massive pile of particles. Rebuild the destroyed construction by following the prompts that seem. Afterwards, you can climb the chain that results in a small hill that permits you to look down upon your newly reconstructed tower-thing. Use the Winds of Hel then insert it into the submit that is midway down the hill, and three posts with runes on them ought to seem. The primary two runes have B going through the appropriate and B going through upwards, with the third additionally going through upwards. Extract the Winds, head all the way down to the chest to insert them. Idunn Apple
Veithurgard This subsequent chest is left of the massive dragon and you could find the seals close to the ruins, close to the ledges beside the water and to the appropriate of the chest. Horn of Blood Mead
Konunsgard This chest is certainly price in search of out as you will get a singular reward—the Image of Bounty. To get it you will want to finish all of Brok and Sindri’s aspect quests. As soon as that is all completed and also you meet with them, you will see a doorway that results in a balcony. Activate the Winds of Hel on the clean seal and a rune will seem, then insert the Winds on the opposite seal to spin it. Throw your axe on the spinning rune to interrupt it and open the chest. Image of Bounty
Cliffs of the Raven This chest holds one other distinctive merchandise, the Image of Fervour. Once more, you will want the Winds of Hel, so use it close to the docks then switch it close to the massive gate. Then take the winds to the rune poles and spin them in order that they match those on the chest. Image of Fervour

(Picture credit score: Sony)

Alfheim Nornir Chests

Location Instructions Reward
Mild Elf Sanctuary If you attain the massive physique of water, follow the appropriate till you do a kind of loop of the world and arrive at Mild Elf Sanctuary. There are a great deal of enemies right here, so take all of them out and head in the direction of the gate and leap throughout the bridge. Combat off one more horde of baddies then follow the appropriate to discover a chest. There are eight clean bells and you want to strike and three will ultimately present runes. Observe them in a clock-like route and hit the bells at three, six, and 11 o’clock to get the runes. Idunn Apple
Platform Proper as you enter Alfheim and leap on the platform to get to the primary rooms, use your axe to freeze a gear in place to discover a Nornir chest. All three runes are straightforward to identify right here, so smash all of them to get one other Idunn Apple. Idunn Apple
Blue door When strolling with Sindri, you will strategy a blue door. In the event you comply with the trail to the left you will discover a chest with two giant veins close to a gate. Use your axe to destroy the veins and you will spot the runes instantly. Horn of Blood Mead
Predominant boss As soon as the primary boss in Alfheim is defeated you will discover one other chest close to a door. Filter the enemies within the room first earlier than searching for the runes. Together with your again to the door, head to the appropriate and leap up the platforms to hit the bells and switch rapidly to hit the runes behind you. Horn of Blood Mead

Helheim Nornir Chests

Location Instructions Reward
Escape from Helheim Simply earlier than you attain the boat, you will spot a chest to the left of the dock. You may want Blades of Chaos to open it, so ensure you’ve obtained them. There is a massive block you’ll be able to seize and drop down the outlet to create a path to the chest. Set the brambles and thorns alight with Blades of Chaos to entry a block that you would be able to transfer to get a rune. The second rune is reverse to the place you discovered the block and the final one requires a block above you to be pushed out of the way in which. Horn of Blood Mead

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