Nurgle brings death and disease to the Warhammer universe—and does it with a smile

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Think about, if you’ll, that there was a Chaos God of pimple popping movies, of meals waste bins left deserted over summer time holidays, of offal left in a serial killer’s drain. That god can be Nurgle, the Lord of Decay: probably the most joyful, attentive, and ubiquitous of the Ruinous Powers.

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On the face of it, Nurgle is straightforward to grasp: a repulsive eruption of flies, pus, boils, illness, rot, blisters, and buboes. Disgust given type. However he’s extra than simply the Lord of Plagues. Of all of the Darkish Gods, Nurgle is the probably to affect the peculiar lives of mortals. Khorne’s worship, as an example, is proscribed to these obsessive about bloodshed. Tzeentch appeals to those that want energy, change, and self-advancement. Slaanesh is for the sexy.

The Tome of Information

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Nurgle's army.

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