Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Trophy List

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The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection trophy listing has been revealed two days earlier than the sport is because of be launched and there are understandably some adjustments made for the brand new PS5 compilation. Probably the most notable of those is that there’s only one Platinum Trophy for getting all the trophies in your complete assortment, slightly than the 2 Platinums out there when the video games have been separate releases.

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In line with the listing on Exophase, the trophies from Uncharted 4 are handled as the principle sport and The Misplaced Legacy trophies are handled as a DLC enlargement. Most notably, the Platinum trophy in Uncharted 4 has now been eliminated utterly. As a replacement is a Platinum for getting all the trophies in each video games. As a result of elimination of the multiplayer modes, the 5 multiplayer trophies have additionally been faraway from the listing. Then again, the listing of trophies from The Misplaced Legacy stays unchanged other than its Platinum trophy. Curiously, that is nonetheless within the listing but it surely’s now a Gold Trophy and is a part of the Uncharted 4 listing. Try the complete listing under:

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Assortment PS5 trophy listing

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Assortment Platinum Trophy

  • A Thief’s Legacy – Gather all of the Trophies

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Assortment Gold Trophies

  • Ludonarrative Dissonance – Defeat 1000 enemies
  • Don’t Wreck the Second – Gather all of the trophies in Uncharted™: The Misplaced Legacy

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Assortment Silver Trophies

  • Charted! – Crushing – Full the sport in crushing mode
  • Charted! – Pace Run – Full the sport in 6 hours or much less
  • Treasure Grasp – Discover all Treasures
  • Unstoppable! – Defeat 100 enemies in a row with out dying in fight
  • Ghost within the Cemetery – Get by way of Scotland cemetery fight encounter with out killing or being seen
  • Run the Desk – Defeat enemies with a stealth assault, melee assault, headshot, and explosives, in that order, in 15 seconds
  • Peaceable Decision – After being marooned, depart everybody alive till the Treasury
  • Present of Gab – Hearken to all optionally available conversations in sport
  • Swordmaster – Completely parry Rafe within the sword struggle with out getting slashed or stabbed

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Assortment Bronze Trophies

  • Charted! – Explorer – Full the sport in explorer mode
  • Charted! – Mild – Full the sport in mild mode
  • Charted! – Reasonable – Full the sport in average mode
  • Charted! – Laborious – Full the sport in laborious mode
  • First Treasure – Discover a Treasure
  • Treasure Hunter – Discover 50 treasures
  • Relic Finder – Discover the Unusual Relics
  • Jot This Down – Discover a Journal Entry
  • Misplaced Artwork of Journaling – Discover all Journal Entries
  • Take a Observe – Discover a Journal Observe
  • Misplaced Historical past – Discover All Journal Notes
  • Head of the Class – Defeat 20 enemies with headshots
  • You Have a Head for this Enterprise – Defeat 50 enemies with headshots
  • Hangman’s Bullet – Carry out 20 headshots from the rope
  • Stealth First Ask Questions Later – Stealth take-down 5 enemies
  • Shh Sleep Now – Stealth take-down 30 enemies
  • I Thought I Heard One thing – Carry out 30 vertical stealth takedowns
  • Run-and-Gunner – Defeat 50 enemies from-the-hip or blind-firing
  • Leapfrog – Defeat 10 enemies in a row, alternating gunplay and hand-to-hand
  • Sharpshooter – Full sport with 70% or increased shot accuracy
  • Speeding Roulette – Defeat enemies with a pistol, machine gun, and grenade, in that order, in 15 seconds
  • Butterfingers – Make 10 enemies drop their grenades
  • Increase County – Defeat 4 enemies with the identical explosion (all explosive gadgets and weapons apply)
  • Defeat 10 in 60 – China Lake GL – Defeat 10 enemies in 60 seconds with the China Lake Grenade Launcher
  • Hold Robust! – Destroy 10 autos whereas being dragged from the rope
  • Hitting a Brick Wall – Defeat 5 armored enemies with melee solely
  • Wingman – Carry out 10 combo buddy takedowns
  • Cliffhanger – Pull 20 enemies over when hanging from a ledge
  • Don’t Feed the Animals – Play with the lemur available in the market and let it steal your apple
  • I By accident All of the Weapons – Use each gun
  • Not a Cairn within the World – Knock over all rock cairns in Madagascar
  • I Can See My Home From Right here! – Climb to the very prime of the Clocktower within the Metropolis
  • Trials and Tribulations – Resolve the primary Trial in Scotland in 10 strikes or much less
  • Finest Rating! – Beat one of the best rating within the retro videogame
  • Marco Polo Returns – Play within the ocean close to the sunken ship
  • Stage Fright – Simply previous to Metropolis Chase, stand completely nonetheless for 30 seconds (stage demo fail)
  • Simply Ground It! – Drive away within the jeep with Elena with out killing any enemies
  • On Porpoise – Get three dolphins to comply with the boat
  • Nonetheless Acquired It! – Hit all targets within the attic with the toy gun
  • Glamour Shot – Take a photograph of Sully

Uncharted: The Misplaced Legacy DLC trophy listing

Uncharted: The Misplaced Legacy DLC Gold Trophies

  • Progress Calls for Sacrifice – Full the Sport in Crushing mode
  • The Approach of the Warrior – Make it to the outskirts of Halebidu in Chapter 5 with out utilizing a firearm or explosive

Uncharted: The Misplaced Legacy DLC Silver Trophies

  • Legacy Discovered! – Full the Sport
  • Collector of Antiquities – Discover all of the treasures
  • Yas Queen – Discover all of the Hoysala tokens and acquire the Queen’s Ruby
  • Pics or It Didn’t Occur – Take a photograph in any respect the picture alternatives
  • Attending to Know You – Hearken to all optionally available conversations
  • 10 Up, 10 Down – Defeat 10 enemies with headshots in a row
  • Simply the Wind – Stealth take-down 15 enemies in a row
  • Make an Entrance – Defeat enemies with the car, long-gun, melee, and grenade, in that order, in 20 seconds
  • Deliver within the Massive Weapons – Defeat 30 enemies with gold weapons
  • Overkill – Plant a number of C4 prices on the APC on the similar time and destroy it with one huge detonation
  • Proper Beneath Your Nostril – Destroy the helicopter with out defeating some other enemies

Uncharted: The Misplaced Legacy DLC Bronze Trophies

  • Informal Treasure Hunter – Discover 5 treasures
  • Hardcore Treasure Hunter – Discover 35 treasures
  • Shake for Your Future – Ask Skeleseer a query
  • Token for Granted – Discover a Hoysala token
  • 5 Finger Low cost – Open 5 lockboxes
  • Picks or It Didn’t Occur – Open each lockbox
  • #nofilter – Take a photograph at 5 picture alternatives
  • Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum – Use each gun within the sport
  • Have been You Counting? – Defeat an enemy with the final bullet in your handgun clip
  • Frazer. Chloe Frazer. – Defeat 5 consecutive enemies with the silenced pistol with out being detected
  • Itchy Set off Finger – Defeat 20 enemies firing from-the-hip
  • Keep and Pray – Defeat 20 enemies blind-firing from cowl
  • Tip of the Hat – Stealth take-down 10 armored enemies with melee by first eradicating their helmets with out being detected
  • Royal Demolitionist – Defeat 20 enemies with C4
  • On the Grid – Mark 30 enemies
  • I Was By no means Right here – Open a lockbox with enemies close by
  • C-Phoria – Defeat 4 enemies with one C4 detonation
  • Now You See Me… – Break stealth and re-enter stealth efficiently
  • Wingwoman – Carry out 10 combo accomplice takedowns
  • The Sampler – Defeat 5 enemies, every one taking harm from a handgun, long-gun, and melee
  • 4x4x4 – Defeat 4 enemies with the car in 20 seconds
  • Drop Me a Line – Use all of the zip-lines to traverse town
  • Your Prize – Recognize the view on the prime of the Hoysala Empire
  • Finest Driver within the Enterprise – Drive from the Ganesh mountain carving to the highest of the waterfall on the Trident Fort and again in below 3 minutes
  • Flawless Gauntlet – Get by way of all 3 Axe Fort trials with out resetting any boards
  • Quiet as a Mouse – After coming into the Trident Fort, attain the door with out being seen
  • Jungle Fitness center – Carry out 5 grapple swings in a row with out touching the bottom
  • Stunt It! – Get 30 seconds of whole airtime with the car
  • Shadow Theater – Full the shadow puzzle in 10 strikes or much less
  • Marco Po-No – Play within the water within the dam in Halebidu
  • Thundersmith – Choose a 3 pin lock in below 15 seconds
  • Cannonball! – Carry out a powerful dive from the cliff close to the outdated railroad tracks
  • Fight Racing – Ram 10 bikes
  • Backseat Driver – Commandeer 6 autos by leaping on them and kicking out the driving force
  • Right here, Catch! – Destroy a car in Chapter 9 with an explosive
  • Lets Not Get Caught – Drive over the sting within the Western Ghats

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