Elden Ring’s mechanics encourage greed on a whole new level

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I discuss to myself lots once I play video games. I blame it partly on streaming, as a result of you need to verbalise each cohesive thought you need to entertain a reside viewers. However it’s primarily a strategy to chastise myself… how higher to kick a nasty gaming behavior than to shout such as you’re your previous 12 months 7 instructor, eh? Once I play Souls video games, there’s one line I discover myself repeating time and again: “Do not get grasping Imogen. Do not you dare get grasping”.

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FromSoftware video games encourage greed. There’s something in regards to the desperation of its boss fights and the compulsion to go for that final hit simply earlier than an enemy counterattacks with its personal killing blow. I ponder if the builders tuned enemies to someway all the time have that final sliver of well being, or if it was only a comfortable coincidence of the video games’ infamous issue. 

When it is a boss, you may get frantic. Just some extra hits, just a bit little bit of lifebar left, only one extra push. You haven’t any stamina, you are low on well being, and risking all of it in these manic seconds could end your enemy off as soon as and for all. Extra doubtless, nevertheless, you may end up splattered. That is desperation greed.

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Elden Ring - The Prisoner

(Picture credit score: FromSoftware)

Then there’s complacency greed. You’ll have seen this one monster a thousand instances earlier than, so that you cost in with simply an oz of hubris. In frustration or boredom you retain swinging and ignore that they’ve hit you again, and earlier than you realize it a flurry of assaults from some rattling skeleton has stopped you in your tracks. 

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