Slaanesh is Warhammer’s thirsty, partying Dark Prince

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The Tome of Information

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We have partnered up with Sega to create The Tome of Information, a collection of articles and movies that showcase the flavour, persona and models of Complete Conflict: Warhammer 3’s factions.

Thirsty Slaanesh is probably the most advanced and alluring of the Chaos gods. Like trapping your junk in an ironing board, however in an attractive manner. Like being seduced by a horny lawnmower. The Darkish Prince of the Incognito Tab. 

Like all of the Ruinous Powers, Slaanesh is not essentially evil. They characterize artwork, creativity, romance, and wonder. However they’re additionally the god of obsession and extra. So, underneath their steerage, what begins as romantic ardour will at all times degenerate into one thing mindless and amoral. Each human need is reworked and amplified. Each gratifying act taken to perverse extremes. They’re devoted to the pursuit of earthly gratification and their final purpose is the downfall of all respectable behaviour. Gluttony, lust, megalomania, hedonism: for those who’re doing an excessive amount of of something, Slaanesh might be rubbing their fingers and/or claws with sadistic glee. 

They’re the youngest of the Chaos gods, since they will solely flourish within the minds of the clever, civilised races. A society should attain a sure stage of improvement earlier than Slaanesh’s insidious presence can take maintain. The barbarian tribes of the frozen north, for instance, have little time for them—they’re too busy attempting to not die to consider attractive cave work. However as we enterprise additional south within the Warhammer world, the Darkish Prince’s affect turns into stronger, notably among the many the Aristocracy. Wealth and birthright grant energy, which might simply be leveraged by the Prince of Pleasure. If there was a Chaos god of gentrification, it’d in all probability be Slaanesh.

Slaanesh general N'Kari in Total War: Warhammer 3

(Picture credit score: Inventive Meeting)

Their relationship along with his Chaos brothers is difficult. Because the youngest, they’re typically seen because the weakest amongst them. Khorne is brazenly hostile to Slaanesh, whose decadence and sensuality actually ship the Blood God right into a volcanic rage. Likewise, the Darkish Prince finds Khorne’s artless slaughter tiresome, and takes a specific enjoyment of irritating him. And, as you learn this, somebody, someplace might be transport them. Slaanesh’s half within the Nice Recreation of Chaos is maybe probably the most attention-grabbing. All of the Ruinous Powers embody the kind of extra that Slaanesh feeds upon: Khorne along with his bloodlust, Nurgle along with his plagues, and Tzeentch along with his plotting. And, due to this, Slaanesh is feared. Someplace, within the backs of their minds, they’re conscious that their affect is at all times rising, and that at some point their very own obsessions would possibly permit Slaanesh to eclipse them.

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