Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is a cleverer take on 4v1 multiplayer than you might expect

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I am no ghost scientist, however there are some things I am unreasonably assured that ghosts would do if they really existed and had the power to own on a regular basis objects. They’d make workplace chairs spin round to spook late evening workplace staff. They’d quick out electronics simply when folks most want them to work. And so they’d undoubtedly make soda machines spit out cans like fizzy ballistic missiles. I did all three as a ghost in a 15 minute session with developer Illfonic’s new asymmetrical Ghostbusters recreation Spirits Unleashed, so it not less than passes my novice ghostology check with flying, slimey colours. 

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Ghostbusters is Illfonic’s third licensed 4v1 multiplayer recreation after Friday the thirteenth and Predator: Looking Grounds, they usually all do appear to lend themselves fairly effectively to the format. In idea. In apply, each video games have come and gone whereas Lifeless By Daylight retains on trucking and Left 4 Lifeless 2 settles into complacent previous age. I do not suppose Ghostbusters will come near supplanting both, but it surely is likely to be the primary Illfonic recreation that is not actually making an attempt to. Refreshingly, it is an asymmetrical multiplayer recreation the place the human staff by no means will get torn limb-from-limb.

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