‘Block Quake’ delivers the Lego Quake experience we didn’t know we needed

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Modder Kebby_Quake has spat within the face of Shub-Niggurath, making a mod for Quake that replaces weapons, enemies, and pickups with Lego facsimiles, bringing a childlike innocence and whimsy to the grotesque, Trent Reznor-scored FPS.

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Kebby’s work is spectacular, and demonstrates the identical impish humorousness because the Lego Star Wars video games. Humanoid enemies have been changed with minifigs, whereas extra complicated foes just like the Scrag have trustworthy block-based designs. I am particularly keen on what Kebby did with the sport’s weapons. They constructed the Tremendous Shotgun with a double-stack of these one-peg, barrel-shaped Legos, whereas the Nailgun now fires out tiny Lego studs as its projectiles.

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