Elden Ring player spends hours hiding in a bush to hose an AFK farmer

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I’m simply irritated and infrequently petty, and I believe I’ve a brand new hero: An Elden Ring participant who spent actually hours hiding in a bush simply to mess with an AFK farmer who pissed him off.

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AFK farming in Elden Ring works like this: Gamers use Torrent the horse-goat to get to locations that may’t be reached on foot, then use the Taunter’s Tongue merchandise to summon different gamers into their recreation, purportedly for PvP fight. However as a result of Torrent is not out there in multiplayer, the invited combatants cannot attain the farmer. Once they ultimately surrender and disconnect, the farmer will get some runes for the “victory,” even when they’re alt-tabbed out of the sport, or out of the room totally.

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