Salt and Sacrifice Review – Consumed By Frustration

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The sting of one other demise fades as I try to shake off my nerves. I’m making ready to conflict with a Sanguimancer I’ve tried to slay a dozen occasions. Perhaps I’ll study one thing new as I sprint again into the fray, although I’ve been down this path many occasions on prior hunts, and I do know I’m extra prone to survive on sheer luck than anything. Salt and Sacrifice typically leaves me missing a sense of accomplishment and, within the course of, sullies the promising additions like its bounties and crafting programs.

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After selecting a category from a handful of choices and customizing my gloomy marionette-like character, I enterprise into an unwinnable encounter with a devastating beast and perish as shortly as I assumed. Right here Salt and Sacrifice reveals it wears its Darkish Souls affect on its sleeve. An herbalist makes use of mystical arts to revive my avatar, who’s now a “Spellmarked” being that’s not fairly residing or lifeless, however someplace in-between. Those who restored me with this darkish magic are Marked Inquisitors, who work within the identify of their king to hunt mages and destroy them by consuming their hearts.

Utilizing a runic portal within the Inquisitor settlement transports me to any areas the place I do know the runic phrases journey. The damp and deciduous Ashborne Village, dry and ruinous Bol Gerahn, and the frozen highlands of Dreadstone Peak are only a few of the locations Marked Inquisitors can discover searching for Mages. Whereas there are however a handful of areas, they’re expansive. There are many caves and enclaves to find, and vertical landscapes to platform by. These lands are the place I additionally minimize my tooth in battle, hacking and slashing the assorted trolls, spiders, and wolves that dared get in my manner. In case you select different lessons than my Highblade, you swing a thunderous hammers, crack a lethal whip, or forged arcane spells at your enemies as a substitute.

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I loved studying the ins and outs of every locale, similar to the place my prey would most certainly seem and which crops I may harvest for valuable therapeutic objects. Key areas are gated by doorways requiring a number of mage hearts to open, or an object is required like a grappling hook or a parachute-like material to soar to unreachable platforms. Stepping foot in a brand new and sure treacherous place is at all times thrilling and have become a spotlight of my time with Salt and Sacrifice, and even made the required mage boss fights simpler to swallow.

The mages that Marked Inquisitors hunt had been as soon as extraordinary individuals till they took their magics too far. They’ve change into monstrosities embodying no matter aspect they specialise in, like pyromancy, venomancy, or chronomancy, and every poses a substantial risk to the participant. Embarking on a hunt duties an Inquisitor to trace these monstrous mages and slay the minions it summons earlier than the boss whisks away to a different space. The method repeats till the mage settles in a remaining battle area, the place their hearts could be consumed and their energy eliminated for good.

Mage hunts are the centerpiece of the Salt and Sacrifice expertise however are wildly annoying most often. I’ve discovered myself correctly leveled and equipped, with my armor and weapons upgraded, and I nonetheless find yourself getting caught repeatedly by minions who stun-lock me into oblivion or blast me off a cliff to my demise. In opposition to the mages themselves, fights encompass bafflingly sturdy assaults with uninteresting patterns from the towering threats, which can take a majority, if not all, of my life in a single hit. I’m all for punishing bosses and difficult encounters, however mages are normally a snore to study the patterns of, and their low cost pictures trigger an abundance of frustration.

Besting a mage and consuming its coronary heart grants a motherlode of things that may be crafted into armor and weapons consultant of that mage and its parts – bodily, fireplace, chilly, mild, darkish, and/or poison. Mages could be discovered exterior looking quests as properly, permitting for extra supplies to be gathered to craft a whole set of substances. I’ve loved monitoring particular targets to land substances to create the subsequent set of apparatus I wanted to make one other combat bearable with correct elemental defenses. Nevertheless, I’m unable to make use of most of these hard-earned weapons and armor with out a extreme penalty resulting from my character construct.

Salt and Sacrifice’s development programs are unintuitive and restrict any flexibility enabled by crafting new tools by locking using gear within the talent net. Leveling my character with the salt dropped from enemies grants a meager HP enhance and Black Starstone, a forex to unlock nodes on the Tree of Talent. Some expertise can be utilized to pump up particular stats whereas others unlock using weapons and armor and their subsequent high quality tiers. So, whereas I went deep into the Highblade weapon and dexterity stat path early on, I used to be unable to make use of any of the armor upgrades I had constructed with out exploring different segments of the talent tree to permit me to put on that tier of armor successfully. And to make use of the flame-imbuing particular transfer of my most well-liked katana requires me to contribute to one in all two magical paths of the online. Many occasions, I’ll need to check out the totally different weapon and armor mixtures I’ve collected substances for and crafted, however the restrictions in place make that obtuse and troublesome to take action freely. Although, when I’m ready with the correct gear and talent tree unlocks, a mage’s assault could find yourself killing me immediately, making it a moot level anyway.


I need to like Salt and Sacrifice, and in some stretches, I do. I loved exploring the world, ideas of looking and crafting, and the moody ambiance, which stored me persevering with for dozens of hours. However its clunky development programs and lots of maddening enemy encounters shortly make the enjoyable occasions straightforward to neglect.

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