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Wish to know who’s who within the facility? We’re right here with the information. Our SCP Roleplay Ranks information goes over every of the roles, what they do, and the way a lot XP you should rank up.

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SCP Roleplay is a Roblox sport that takes you deep into one of many extremely labeled SCP Basis amenities. Who’re you? That’s as much as you. You may be a safety guard, a scientist, or a hapless Class-D personnel member about to be subjected to harmful assessments with unknown and unknowable entities.

You may play SCP Roleplay now on Roblox.

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SCP Roleplay Ranks Information

Right here we go over the roles and the ranks!

D-Class Personnel

One of many poor schmucks drafted in by the SCP Basis for testing. Head into the primary space, however don’t cross the crimson traces except you need it to be open season for taking pictures at you. Scientists can recruit you for analysis duties, and escort you out into restricted areas of the ability, however you won’t like how the assessments prove.

There’s an alternative choice although. Have a look underneath the ‘Chaos Insurgency header to seek out out in regards to the alternate path.


  • Class D – 0XP
  • Devoted Class D – 360XP
  • Adept Class D – 720XP
  • Superior Class D – 1260XP
  • Veteran Class D – 1600XP

Scientific Division

The analysis workers of the SCP facility, it’s as much as you to conduct experiments on the harmful creatures that dwell inside containment. You gained’t be participating with them instantly although, that’s for the D-Class to do. It’s your job to conduct assessments and observe how issues go.

You may authorize D-Class to depart their space with you, however you may need to take a guard with you, you don’t have any weapons.


  • Intern – 10XP
  • Junior Researcher – 30XP
  • Researcher – 60XP
  • Senior Researcher – 180XP
  • Head Researcher – 300 XP
  • Assistant Board Director – 600XP
  • Board Director – 1200 XP

Safety Division

The Safety Division are one of many combating roles of the ability. You’re armed, and also you’re going to wish it. Safety want to protect researchers, cope with breaches, and present misbehaving D-Lessons who’s boss.


  • Cadet – 0XP
  • Personal – 30XP
  • Corporal – 60XP
  • Sargeant – 120XP
  • Employees Sargeant – 240XP
  • Lieutenant – 360XP
  • Captain – 420XP
  • Main – 720XP
  • Colonel – 900XP
  • Basic – 1200XP

Cellular Process Power

The elite troops of the ability, the Cellular Process Power are notably geared up to coping with the ghoulies and ghosties. That doesn’t imply it’s going to be straightforward although.


  • Recruit – 0XP
  • Operative – 30XP
  • Senior Operative – 90XP
  • Elite Operative – 180XP
  • Process Power Sargeant – 270XP
  • Taks Power Lieutenant – 360XP
  • Process Power Chief – 480XP

Intelligence Company

One other fight position, these guys have a detector, which lets them see the situation of gamers and NPCs by way of partitions, that and weaponry after all. This rank unlocks with XP or a gamepass.


  • Entry Agent – 0XP
  • Discipline Agent – 30XP
  • Senior Agent – 90XP
  • Supervisor – 180XP
  • Senior Supervisor – 270XP
  • Lead Supervisor – 360XP
  • Intelligence Supervisor – 480XP

Inner Safety Division

This position is right here notably to detect hidden threats within the facility inhabitants Inner Safety have the power to detect ‘rogues’ inside the participant base, and cope with them accordingly.


  • Entry Agent – 0XP
  • Discipline Agent – 30XP
  • Senior Agent – 90XP
  • Supervisor – 180XP
  • Senior Supervisor – 270XP
  • Lead Supervisor – 360XP
  • Inner Safety Supervisor – 480XP

Speedy Response Staff

The Speedy Response Staff’s job revolves round fight, however just like the Cellular Process Power. You may unlock them by way of gaining XP, or unlock them with a gamepass.


  • Recruit – 0XP
  • Trainee Operative – 30XP
  • Tactical Operative – 90XP
  • Staff Lieutenant – 180XP
  • Staff Chief – 270XP
  • Squadron Chief – 360XP
  • Squadron Commanding Officer – 480XP
  • Commander – 600XP
  • Head Commander – 720XP

Chaos Insurgency

Right here’s an attention-grabbing addition to the SCP Roleplay ranks. The Chaos Insurgency have one job – convey down the SCP Basis. They’re armed, harmful, and may hijack varied features throughout the ability. They’ll additionally intentionally free SCP creatures into the hallways.

You may develop into one by sneaking to the transformer room, breaking a wall and venturing out by way of the vents. Simply watch out. It’s on-sight in case you run into any facility fight ranks.


  • Conscript – 0XP
  • Skilled Conscript – 30XP
  • Senior Conscript – 60XP
  • Alpha – 120XP
  • Beta – 180XP
  • Delta – 300XP
  • Cell Agent – 420XP
  • Cell Director – 600XP
  • Delta Command – 900XP
  • Gamma Command – 1260XP
  • Insurgency Command – 1800XP

Medical Division

Medics are there to take care of the well being of everybody within the facility, together with the Class-Ds. As a medic you additionally get entry to the medkit, which helps you to restore well being a restricted variety of instances.


  • Intern – 0XP
  • Junior Resident – 30XP
  • Resident – 60XP
  • Senior Resident – 120XP
  • Chief Resident – 180XP
  • Fellow – 300XP
  • Attending Doctor – 600XP
  • Division Head – 900XP
  • Medical Director – 1200XP

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